Jeremy Williams

Web Development

About Me

An innovative, customer-focused, analytical front-end developer, with a background in design, offering seven years of experience.

Passion for clean, consistent, modular, and semantic UI development, with a drive to learn and quickly adapt to new technologies and frameworks.

Known for excellent problem-solving skills, with the ability to engineer well-researched, efficient, and swift solutions depending on environment and style desired.

Currently seeking full-time, mid-to-senior level, front-end and freelance development/engineering opportunities.

Available for cycling, movie discussion, board games, live music, escape rooms, and a dangerous round of golf.

Based in Los Angeles, CA.


Cornell University, College of Architecture, Art, and Planning, Ithaca NY

Bachelor of Fine Arts, with a dual concentration in painting and printmaking

Professional Experience

Front-End Engineer, Loot Crate,

November 2015 - April 2017
  • Loot Crate is an online subscription start up ranked as 2016’s fastest growing company by Inc. Magazine
  • developed and implemented front-end from on-boarding to product purchase for new site and company endeavor, Sports Crate
  • responsible for product page update that increased core subscription conversion rate by more than 10%
  • developed semantic front-end modules and templates based on new designs and visual directions
  • standardized styles and HTML structure in collaboration with UX/UI designers and other developers
  • migrated templates and content site-wide from Alchemy CMS to Contentful CMS
  • created and modified CMS templates, enabling easy updates and content-specific campaigns
  • implemented and advised on A/B/n tests across site
  • tech stack: Ruby on Rails, CoffeeScript, SASS, Postgres, Redis, Bootstrap, jQuery, React, GitHub

Freelance Developer, Mindsoil,

Summer/Fall 2015
  • HTML, CSS, jQuery based on client’s design (Phase One)
  • React and PHP form handling
  • fluid and responsive layout for Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile
  • Phase Two to allow client login and UI panel, including file upload and download
  • Initial MEAN app for custom Admin CMS
  • React exploration for custom Client file management

Front-End Developer, Ticketmaster | Live Nation,

September 2009 - April 2015
  • developed advanced, seamless prototypes of future products for internal and user testing with JavaScript and jQuery
  • created and developed integral updates to front-end templates for Ticketmaster’s 2015 reskin, 2013/14 revamp of event detail pages and 2010 rebrand, Live Nation’s 2010 redesign, Account Manager product
  • spearheaded development of A/B/n tests across sites using Optimizely and Maxymiser
  • managed close-knit relationships with designers on fluid and static pages using HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • recipient of Rock Star (2012) and Golden Gate (2014) achievements, acknowledging above-and-beyond work among hundreds of employees

Freelance Developer, Tunelize,

Fall 2014
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript based on client’s design
  • custom JavaScript music player, equalizer graphic response to player, and various carousels
  • fluid and responsive layout for Desktop and Tablet

Freelance Developer, Davina Chatkeon,

Summer 2014
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MYSQL portfolio site based on client’s design
  • custom back-end scripts to allow for client to easily update projects, with aggregate pages reflecting changes
  • created custom touch-friendly carousel for homepage
  • responsive layout for Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile with higher pixel density displays in mind

Freelance Developer, Fuller & Williamson,

Fall 2014
  • built single-page website using HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • responsive layout for Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile with higher pixel density displays in mind

Wordpress Developer, Ali Larter,

Fall 2014
  • extensive custom Wordpress theme based on client’s design
  • integrated Facebook login, client Twitter and Instagram display, and subscription functionalities
  • responsive layout for Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile

Freelance Developer, JobSync,

Summer 2013
  • built website using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP
  • coded jQuery-based AJAX contact forms
  • dynamically integrated two most recent company tweets into homepage

Freelance Designer/Developer, Williams Flooring,

Summer 2013
  • designed single page layout with Photoshop
  • built website using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP
  • coded jQuery-based AJAX contact form
  • integrated HTML5 video

Freelance Developer, PartyTapper,

Winter 2013

Freelance Developer, Cicilia Teng, Designer/Photographer,

Summer 2012 | Winter 2013
  • coded sites using HTML, CSS, JavaScript based on client’s design
  • created custom back-end system using PHP, MySQL for client to login and update project pages herself
  • created custom Wordpress template based on client’s design

Designer/Developer, blik Surface Graphics,

April 2005 - April 2009
  • maintained and made most updates to website, including adding new products to and maintaining e-commerce store as needed, creating landing pages with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, updating templates
  • managed launches of highly successful Threadless tie-in products every 6 weeks, including conversion of artwork to viable wall graphic products, photography, addition to website, updating of voting page utilizing Poll Daddy online application, design and coding of entire mini-site using HTML, CSS and Photoshop
  • created, coded, and published email newsletter (1-3 per month) using Photoshop and HTML
  • coded pre-designed instructional video page with HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • produced popular Nintendo line of products, including package contents, package design, and design and coding of mini-site -
  • designed select custom projects for clients such as CheetahMail (Experian), Santa Monica Public Library, I AM 8-BIT Art Shows, and blik’s presence as part of the 2006 Cooper Hewitt Triennial, using Illustrator
  • prepared artist work for production of commercially viable wall graphic products

Technical Skills

Strengths: HTML, SASS/CSS, jQuery, image optimization, design-, detail-, and process-oriented, best practices for website accessibility, SEO, and HTML semantics, cross-browser and device consistency

Practical experience with: JavaScript, Ruby, Rails, CoffeeScript, Wordpress, PHP, MySQL, A/B site optimization with Optimizely and Maxymiser platforms, version control with GIT and SVN, Agile Scrum and Kanban processes, JIRA, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator

Basic experience with: Node, Express, Angular, MongoDB, Mongoose, React, Jasmine

An Event Apart 2016, San Francisco, attendee