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Our Team

JobSync isn't made up of people from the ATS industry. JobSync is made up of e-commerce people and big data people, people with HR backgrounds and people with deep technical experience. Our team develops every product with a focus on the end user, whether it's the recruiter, the hiring manager or the candidate. We ask, "How can we make the recruiting experience simpler?" We build great products and we provide great customer service. We assume the rest will take care of itself.

Danny Simon, CEO

Prior to starting JobSync, Danny ran The Walt Disney Company's $100 million e-commerce business, running all operations including Site Operations, Logistics, Guest Service, Marketing, and Finance. Running the e-commerce organization at Disney allowed Danny to better understand how to make applications simple and easy to use. Danny realized that designing HR applications from an e-commerce perspective could help to minimize recruiters' frustration with existing HR platforms while also helping them to be more efficient. So, Danny founded JobSync in 2011 to help develop HR software that was truly user-friendly. Prior to managing Disney's e-commerce group, Danny served as the Director of multiple global divisions at Disney, where he developed businesses of up to $1 billion in revenue. Danny holds a B.A. in Psychology and an MBA, both from Harvard University.

Dave Lapsley, VP Technology

Dave leads the technology team at JobSync and is responsible for developing and maintaining the company's SaaS-based services and infrastructure. Prior to JobSync, he led the Data Science Team at OpenX in the development of Big Data-enabled services. Dave has also been responsible for leading the development of Cyber Security Products while at Sonus Networks, and performed advanced Research and Development for NASA, DHS, AFRL, and DARPA while at MIT and BBN Technologies. Dave holds a B. Sc. in Computer Science, and a B. E. in Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering both from Monash University. He also holds a Ph. D. in Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering from the University of Melbourne.

Our Company

JobSync was founded in 2011 to make recruiting simpler for businesses of all sizes. Two years later, JobSync continues to create innovative products that make talent acquisition more effective and efficient. Our simplified ATS interface has helped organizations of all sizes get more usability from their existing ATS platform, without requiring any switching costs.

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