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PartyTapper is a social media platform that allows users to share their event and party experiences. Users login via Facebook or Twitter to keep their current social circles up-to-date on in-event activities. Posting and sharing status updates, uploading event photos and videos, and sending song requests are some of features that are accessible to PartyTapper users.

The social media activity and shared experiences from PartyTapper events will create a modern and new way to party!

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Tap into PartyTapper

Via mobile app or desktop web experiences, users simply login with their current Facebook or Twitter credentials. From there, PartyTapper captures all of the social media activity from a posted party or event into a centralized location for anyone, anywhere in the world to experience in real-time.

PartyTapper allows its users to share event details with friends, upload images, listen to live streams from DJs or musical performances, and extend these event experiences throughout their social circles, live as the event is happening.

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  • • Real-Time Song Requests
  • • Stream Live Audio from any Event
  • • Upload Event Photos
  • • Post Status Updates during Live Events
  • • Explore Music from Live Events
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PartyTapper iPhone App

Change the way that you party. Download the iPhone app today (Android and Windows Phone coming soon).

Share your nightlife experiences with your social network on Facebook and Twitter: Tap into the hottest parties anywhere and everywhere!

DOWNLOAD THE APP Available on the App Store