Jeremy Williams


An innovative, customer-focused, analytical front-end developer, with a background in art & design, offering over fourteen years of experience. Passion for clean, consistent, modular, and semantic UI development, with a drive to learn and quickly adapt to new technologies and frameworks. Known for excellent problem-solving skills and design-, detail-, and process-oriented behavior.

Based in Los Angeles, CA.


Cornell University, College of Architecture, Art, and Planning, Ithaca NY

Bachelor of Fine Arts, dual concentration in painting and printmaking

Cornell University Logo

Professional Experience

Senior Front-End Developer, Jazwares March 2023 - Present

  • update and manage e-commerce site front-end with Shopify Online Store 2.0 and Shopify Plus
  • manage and support third party integrations
  • maintain Google Merchant Center and TikTok Shop feeds
  • tech stack: Shopify Liquid, SCSS, Tailwind CSS, JS, React

Front-End Engineer, Tamara Mellon Brand October 2018 - February 2023

  • built from scratch and owned headless e-commerce platform with React on Gatsby, supported on the back-end by Shopify Plus, with Contentful CMS, Loop Returns "shop on site", and Algolia search and recommendations integrations
  • collaborated with other teams to create various tools and front-end solutions, and support third party software integrations
    • coded React-based product search widget for Client Services to live within Live Person chat software, which ingested in-house API for data
    • built bot with Live Person's proprietary tools to automate sending of product information to users who submitted request via QR codes at retail locations
  • implemented and advised on A/B/n tests across site with VWO and Google Optimize
  • tech stack: React, Gatsby, SCSS modules, GraphQL, Shopify Liquid

Front-End Software Engineer, Zoe Media Group August 2017 - May 2018

  • maintained and updated front-end templates for Rachel Zoe’s online properties: The Zoe Report, Box of Style, Shop Rachel Zoe
  • implemented site-wide redesign of The Zoe Report in an expedited timeframe – 4 weeks for MVP, 3 more weeks for further updates
    • average time on page increased by 88.54%, bounce rate decreased by 30.54%, and exit rate decreased by 129%
  • converted Box of Style checkout page to two-step process, streamlining design and user experience
    • completion rate increased by 46% on mobile (from 15% to 22%) and 50% on desktop/tablet (from 20% to 30%)
  • revamped Box of Style add-ons page in subscription checkout flow
    • percentage of total transaction sales increased by 500-700% (from 0.06-0.1% to 0.3-0.7%)
  • tech stack: PHP, SCSS, jQuery, Wordpress
  • Online publication:
  • Seasonal subscription product:
  • E-commerce site:

Freelance Developer, MGX Creative Winter 2018

  • Company/portfolio site to showcase client’s videography, photography, and information
  • HTML, SCSS, jQuery, PHP, with Wordpress
  • Integrated JW Player and Swiper

Front-End Engineer, Loot Crate November 2015 - April 2017

  • Loot Crate is an online subscription start up ranked as 2016’s fastest growing company by Inc. Magazine
  • developed and implemented front-end from on-boarding to product purchase for new site and company endeavor, Sports Crate
  • responsible for product page update that increased core subscription conversion rate by more than 10%
  • developed semantic front-end modules and templates based on new designs and visual directions
  • standardized styles and HTML structure in collaboration with UX/UI designers and other developers
  • migrated templates and content site-wide from Alchemy CMS to Contentful CMS
  • created and modified CMS templates, enabling easy updates and content-specific campaigns
  • implemented and advised on A/B/n tests across site with Optimizely
  • updated 404 page with a delightful, custom, Space Invaders-inspired game
  • tech stack: Ruby on Rails, SCSS, CoffeeScript, jQuery

Freelance Developer, Mindsoil Summer/Fall 2015

  • HTML, CSS, jQuery based on client’s design (Phase One)
  • React and PHP form handling
  • fluid and responsive layout for Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile
  • Phase Two to allow client login and UI panel, including file upload and download
  • React exploration for custom Client file management system
  • MEAN app exploration for custom Admin content management system

Front-End Developer, Ticketmaster | Live Nation September 2009 - April 2015

  • developed advanced, seamless prototypes of future products for internal and user testing with JavaScript and jQuery
  • created and developed integral updates to front-end templates for Ticketmaster’s 2015 reskin, 2013/14 revamp of event detail pages and 2010 rebrand, Live Nation’s 2010 redesign, and Account Manager product
  • spearheaded development of A/B/n tests across sites using Optimizely and Maxymiser
  • managed close-knit relationships with designers on fluid and static pages using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • recipient of achievements in 2012 and 2014 acknowledging above-and-beyond performance among hundreds of employees

Freelance Developer, Davina Chatkeon Summer 2014

  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MYSQL portfolio site based on client’s design
  • custom back-end scripts to allow for client to easily update projects, with aggregate pages reflecting changes
  • created custom touch-friendly carousel for homepage
  • responsive layout for Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile with higher pixel density displays in mind

Freelance Developer, Fuller & Williamson Fall 2014

  • built single-page website using HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • responsive layout for Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile with higher pixel density displays in mind

Wordpress Developer, Ali Larter Fall 2014

  • extensive custom Wordpress theme based on client’s design
  • integrated Facebook login, client Twitter and Instagram display, and subscription functionalities
  • responsive layout for Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile

Freelance Developer, Tunelize Fall 2014

  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript based on client’s design
  • custom JavaScript music player, equalizer graphic response to player, and various carousels
  • fluid and responsive layout for Desktop and Tablet

Freelance Developer, JobSync Summer 2013

  • built website using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP
  • coded jQuery-based AJAX contact forms
  • dynamically integrated two most recent company tweets into homepage

Freelance Designer/Developer, Williams Flooring Summer 2013

  • designed single page layout with Photoshop
  • built website using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP
  • coded jQuery-based AJAX contact form
  • integrated HTML5 video

Freelance Developer, PartyTapper Winter 2013

Freelance Developer, Cicilia Teng, Designer/Photographer Summer 2012 | Winter 2013

  • coded sites using HTML, CSS, JavaScript based on client’s design
  • created custom back-end system using PHP, MySQL for client to login and update project pages herself
  • created custom Wordpress template based on client’s design

Designer/Developer, Blik Surface Graphics April 2005 - April 2009

  • maintained and made most updates to website, including adding new products to and maintaining e-commerce store as needed, creating landing pages with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, updating templates
  • managed launches of highly successful Threadless tie-in products every 6 weeks, including conversion of artwork to viable wall graphic products, photography, addition to website, updating of voting page utilizing Poll Daddy online application, design and coding of entire mini-site using HTML, CSS and Photoshop
  • created, coded, and published email newsletter (1-3 per month) using Photoshop and HTML
  • coded pre-designed instructional video page with HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • produced popular Nintendo line of products, including package contents, package design, and design and coding of mini-site
  • designed select custom projects for clients such as CheetahMail (Experian), Santa Monica Public Library, I AM 8-BIT Art Shows, and Blik’s presence as part of the 2006 Cooper Hewitt Triennial, using Illustrator
  • prepared artist work for production of commercially viable wall graphic products

Technical Skills

Skill Skill Level: BASIC (1) to ADVANCED (10)
Semantic HTML 9.5
& CoffeeScript, ES6
React 8
jQuery 7
TypeScript 2
Image Optimization 9
Accessibility & SEO 8
Ruby/Rails 3
Wordpress 4.5
A/B Testing
VWO, Google Optimize,
Optimizely, Maxymiser
Gulp 2
Angular 1
Node & Express 1
Adobe Photoshop
& Illustrator
& Zeplin

Additional experience with: Agile (Scrum and Kanban), Shopify/Liquid, Tailwind CSS, Figma, JIRA, Asana